Lord Elgin B.W. Raymond Wrist Chronometer Union Rail Road


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  • Click this link for the detailed history of the Elgin B.W. Raymond Wrist Chronometer.
  • Description- This Lord Elgin is a B.W. Raymond Rail Road Approved Wrist Chronometer. It is also an award watch given to an employee of the Union Rail Road. I have seen many Union Rail Road award watches over the years but never a Raymond model with a Rail Road grade movement and hacking seconds. This is truly a rare find and in near mint condition. Don’t miss out!  Click the link above for the great history of the Raymond Wrist Chronometer.
  • B.W. Raymond line
    1. A 23-jewel movement.
    2. The new balance wheel (DuraBalance).
    3. Unbreakable mainspring (DuraPower).
    4. Special stainless steel case, indented top, easy to wind.
    5. Shock proof.
    6. Water proof.
    7. Non-magnetic shield around the movement, inside case.
    8. Non-magnetic steel dial.
    9. Six adjustments, three of which are to be for position.
    10. Movement stops when stem pushed out for setting.
  • Case- 35.5 mm wide without crown, 42 mm tall, 19mm lug spacing. The case is in near mint condition, all Stainless Steel, #2285, See inscription on case back.  Union R R Honors Victor E. Johnson for 35 years of loyal and faithful service May 17, 1958
  • Dial-Original, Fantastic! Union Rail Road Logo
  • Band- Black Leather silver tone buckle. Hadley Roma
  • Crystal– Clear no flaws
  • Movement- 23 Jewel Elgin. Grade 780, size 13/0, 23 jewels,hacking seconds, 6 Adjustments!!! This was their absolute best movement available. Serviced, keeping good time and running strong, Winds and sets smoothly, operates properly.