Waltham Bailey Banks & Biddle Riverside Pocket Watch


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  • Description- This open face Waltham from the 1900’s has been fully serviced and is ready for your collection, to wear or give as a gift. This is a good looking authentic watch. Features Riverside movement, Bailey Banks and Biddle Philadelphia.
    Bailey Banks and Biddle has a full and rich history. They were the prominent jewelers in Philadelphia and sold pocket watches cased with their dials.At the turn of the century, Bailey Banks & Biddle was commissioned by the U.S. Government to update the Great Seal of the United States; its design today remains the official version of the seal. The company also designed and made many of the military medals that are still used today, including the Medal of Honor, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.
  • Case-  The case is gold filled and has wear.
  • Dial-Original
  • Crystal- Glass
  • Movement-serviced
  • Grade: Riverside
    Manufacturer: Waltham
    Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
    Movement Serial Number: 15064038
    Grade: Riverside
    Model: 1899
    Estimated Production Year: 1906
    Run Quantity: 500
    Total Production: 57,539
    Size: 16s
    Jewels: 19j
    Movement Configuration: Hunting
    Movement Finish: Nickel
    Movement Setting: Pendant
    Plate: 3/4 Plate
    Regulator: Patent
    Hairspring: Breguet
    Adjusted: Yes
    Adjusted to Position: Yes