About FTH

Finding Time Horology  –  Classic Timepieces

  It all started with my grandfather’s watch. When it was given to me, it was in poor shape and broken. I have always been into mechanical things and restoration. I have been restoring classic cars professionally for over two decades. I figured I can fix this watch – how hard can it be?

I learned quickly that I needed to gather more tools, books, and parts. I reached out to Internet forums, gathered lots of information, and found many others with the same passions. I tracked down vintage tools and books, and dove in headfirst. My mission to restore that one watch turned into over 100 rather quickly.

I believe I am just the caretaker of these items for the time being, and to continue down this path I realized I can’t hold onto all of them. Therefore, I am willing to pass them along in the effort to continue to find new ones and bring them back to their former glory.

We specialize in the sale, restoration, and service of classic and vintage pocket and wrist watches. Brands include Elgin, Lord Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova, Illinois, Gruen, and many more.We offer many vintage and classic watches for sale. Contact us about your restoration projects.